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Unique Composite Construction

Using the latest technology in composites, we incorporate epoxy by infusion through a unique vacuum bag process. Carbon fiber, Kevlar and S-glass are used to make GlasLite floats a premier product. We are now able to use
aramid fabrics like Kevlar because of our infusion process.

Substantially lighter in overall weight than aluminum or composite floats of same displacement.

• No corrosion
• No leaks
• No rivets
• New high impact carbon fibre front bumper

LSA Model 1400
Length 14 ft. 5 in.
Width 22 5/8 in.
Height 19 7/8 in.
Additional 4 in. in wheel down
Compartments 4 – all accessible with 6” spin off
covers or baggage doors
8.5” X 12.75” opening
(on C of G)
Wheels Main: 400 by 4 Grove amphibious
wheels and brakes. New Clamar
spring shock system, grease fittings
for extended wear.
Nose: 6 in. Matco billet cut aluminum.
Spring shock over centre in down posititon nose wheel system.
Colors Delivered in epoxy primer.
Final paint on request.
Trim black (covers and cleats).
No skid abrasive coating full length
Movements all electric 12 volt
Ball driven actuators
Visual notification system standard
and audio gear warning available.
1430 lbs Each float.
Maximum aircraft weight with 80% reserve buoyancy (2 floats) as per TSO-C27 -1588 lbs


airplane floats for sale - floats for airplane - airplane float manufacuturesWe use a conventional proven airfoil/water foil design with updated technology in composites.

The total length of the keel is carbon fibre with aluminum 6061 T6 bonded skid rails.

Our design features:

• double fluted profile bottoms
• smooth, no rivets, very slippery on water or
in the air,
• high strength fibre cleats front and back,
• total float is corrosion free and always looks new.

Sample Calculations

Gross Weight 1430 lbs
Empty Weight 750 lbs
Main Gear <40>
Nose Wheel <20>
Empty Weight with floats 940 lbs
Amphibious Floats 250 (includes Rigging)
Useful Load 490 lbs
Exchange Weight 190 lbs

Moldel 1400

Includes airplane float manufacturers

  • All vertical strut material
  • spreader bars
  • fly wires
  • Gear drive by ball drive activators
  • single rudder system with cables
  • lift horn and paddle brackets
  • painted in white epoxy primer
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