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Model 2180    All electric Amphibious Floats

Using today's latest technology composites incorporating epoxy by infusion. We vacuum bag carbon fiber, Kevlar and e-glass where appropriate. (We are now able to use Aramid fabrics like Kevlar and carbon because of the infusion process)

Substantially lighter in overall weight than aluminum or composite floats of same displacement.
Substantially lighter than Clamar M2200 amphibs because of the gains over the electro/hydraulic system and further gains in composite construction.

No corrosion, no leaks, no rivets, very tough.

Six separate compartments, touch any point in any compartment with your hand.


All stainless or anodized aluminum billet cut or extruded fittings

5 ½ inch cord 6061 T6 spreader bars and 3inch vertical strut material or new lighter struts for those a/c in the 1750 lbs to 2100 lb category.

Unique mechanical gear up/down warning system on both the nose wheel and main wheel designed to be more reliable than electrical contact systems alone and includes parabolic mirror kit for each wing

10 inch nose wheel 4½ inches wide (larger than most) much better for grass or other rough off airport runways main wheels (Grove amphibious)  500 X 5  tire.
Also offered is a new lighter Matco nose wheel saving an additional 8 lbs per set.
Water rudders mounted externally (no leaking through aft compartment) heavy anodized aluminum, simple to rig and maintain includes pulleys/brackets and cable ready to be fitted for your type a/c paddle kit mounted on the right float grease kit also included



Conventional proven airfoil/water foil design. Updated using today's technology in composites.
Six accessible compartments' main locker is 17 cubic feet on each side at the c of g with a 11 by 21 inch access doors. We also offer lower weight 9 by 17 inch lids for those that would like to conserve even more weight.

Flat top complete length with 3M anti-skid material included for the complete length.

Grove amphibious wheels and brakes with built in grease fittings, ball drive actuators for each wheel and a unique newly designed land landing absorption over center rubber backstop system for both the main and nose wheels. Magnetic proximity switches on the wheels to activate lights for gear position indicator. 

Carbon fiber keel total length with stainless steel bonded skid rails. Land on hard surface with the wheels up and no damage to the composite structure.

3/4 inch compartment walls making each compartment water proof from the next, highest weight strength ratio of any product good thermal insulation for food or fish storage. Also means less condensation issues in comparison to aluminum.
Double fluted profile bottoms, sister keelson's full length of the step, smooth, no rivets, very slippery on water or in the air.

High strength fiber cleats front and back total float is corrosion free and always looks new.
Floats delivered in epoxy primer, painted to your finished color if you wish (check pricing). Gel coats available but we suggest paint for easier repairs and weight reduction of 5-6 lbs

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