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Composite Construction

  • Using today's latest technology composites incorporating epoxy by infusion. We vacuum bag carbon fiber, kevlar and e-glass where appropriate. (We are now able to use Aramid fabrics like Kevlar because of the infusion process).

  • Substantially lighter in overall weight than alumium or composite floats of same displacement.

  • No corrosion, no leaks, no rivets, easy to use bush repair kit available

  • Six separate compartments, touch any point in any compartment with your hand

  • New high impact carbon fibre front bumper


  • All stainless or anodized aluminum billet cut or extruded fittings

  • 5 ½ inch cord 6061 T6 spreader bars and 3 inch vertical strut material water rudders mounted externally (no leaking through aft compartment) heavy anodized aluminum and simple to rig and maintain includes cables/pulleys also included is mounted paddle inside of right float


  • Conventional proven airfoil/water foil design. Updated using today's technology in composites

  • Carry fuel in floats with no concern for the mixing of electrics and fuel vapors

  • Six accessible compartments' main locker is 17 cubic feet on each side at the c of g with a 11 by 21 inch access doors, all locker lids are high impact by Viking Marine

  • Flat top complete length with 3M anti-skid material for the complete length

  • Carbon fibre keel total length with stainless steele bonded skid rails

  • 3/4 inch compartment walls (1 ½ at the spreader bar bulkheads) making each compartment water proof from the next, high weight strength ratio product , good thermal insulation for food or fish storage

  • Double fluted profile bottoms, sister keelsons full length of the step, smooth, no rivets, very slippery on water or in the air

  • High strength fibre cleats front and back total float is corrosion free and always looks new

  • Floats delivered in epoxy primer, painted to your finished colour if you wish (check pricing).
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