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 Model 3500 Amphibious Float Specifications:


20 ft. 3 7/8th in.

 Width: Tail 22"
Mid 33"
Nose 9"


29" Highest point float only
with gear down 20"
 Draw Depth: 20"



 Main baggage compartment:

11" X 21.75" opening



Main: 600 x 6 with 17.5" tires 8 ply
Grove amphibious wheels and brakes
Modified axle grease fittings for extended wear
Nose: 400 by 5-10" tire with built in shock accumulator system


Delivered in epoxy primer final paint on request.

Trim black (Covers and cleats) 3M No skid abrasive coating full length

Complete package for Moose or Cessna 180/185/182 will be under 650 lbs
 Gear Movement:
Electro/ Hydraulic 12 volt (in float or aircraft)
Visual notification system standard and audio gear warning available
 Composite construction: Using E glass, Kevlar and carbon fiber over a foam core and utilizing "Infusion" as the primary process gives the product outstanding strength and durability. Aerodynamic efficiency and strength to weight ratio is significantly superior when compared to metal construction. The composite structure will require less maintenance in its lifetime and will weigh 8- 12% less than metal floats depending on buoyancy size.
Amphibious (100%) 3480 lbs (80%)*3867 lbs Straight (100%) 3654 lbs (80%)*4060 lbs
*maximum aircraft gross weight with 80% reserve buoyancy (2 floats) as per TSO-c27
PHONE: 519.225.2399 EMAIL:
15099 Sixteen Mile Road,
R.R. #2, Denfield, ON
Canada N0M 1P0
Established in 1990 Clamar Technologies Inc.
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