After 3 years of success with the all electric M 1400 float system for the LSA type aircraft, it was decided to use that knowledge on a the larger size 2180 lb displacement float system. The video (link below) shows the latest M2180 floats on an AirCam doing some testing in the Bahama’s recently. video userc

Clair Sceli commented, “We now have these floats on or about to be installed on 8 other Aircam’s. They are working very well and have reduced the exchange weight to under 300 lbs on all these aircraft thus increasing the performance and safety dramatically.” He noted, “These aircraft can maintain altitude and even climb on a single engine which definitely increases safety.”

In addition to the AirCam, CLAMAR is installing this type of new all electric M2180 float system on Carbon Cub’s, Murphy Rebels and Glastar type aircraft all with the same great gains in useful load because of the lower gross weight of the floats.

CLAMAR boasts by far the lowest gross weight for a float system on the market today. Delivery dates are available for 2013. Those dates and pricing is available from CLAMAR now.

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