Clamar Floats Announces the Clamar IQ System™

 Clamar IQ™ Increases Flight Safety by Helping Pilots Avoid Common Amphibious Landing Pitfalls   Clamar Floats today announced the Clamar IQ System™, a family of electronics designed to increase the safety of amphibious seaplane operations by assisting pilots during critical phases of flight when distractions can have disastrous consequences. The current release helps pilots avoid the […]

CLAMAR Floats – Model 2180 Amphibious Floats on Carbon Cub EX

CLAMAR has installed the new electric float system (M-2180) on the Carbon Cub EX with great success. The same float is being installed on other aircraft in this weight category – AirCam, Murphy Rebelas well as Glastar. The exchange weight for the installation on the Carbon Cub is 256 lbs for the electric float system […]

Clamar Floats Moves to Brunswick, Maine

Paul wrote, “Clamar Floats designs and produces straight and amphibious floats for experimental aircraft using high-tech materials and vacuum infusion technology to produce the lightest and strongest floats available.” Until this announcement, the company has been located in London, Ontario Canada.

CLAMAR Floats Model 2180 Amphibious – Electric Float

After 3 years of success with the all electric M 1400 float system for the LSA type aircraft, it was decided to use that knowledge on a the larger size 2180 lb displacement float system. The video (link below) shows the latest M2180 floats on an AirCam doing some testing in the Bahama’s recently. […]

CLAMAR Technologies Inc. Announces New Float for AirCam

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